Logo of Crimea.

We decided to support the initiative of the Ministry of Resorts and Tourism of Republic of Crimea and took part in the competition of ideas for a better logo Crimea.

The competition is held within the framework of the State program of development of resorts and tourism of Crimea until 2017.

The winner will be awarded a tour of Russia - cheer for our designer, Pavel Trofimov!

By the way, the shape of the logo emphasizes that the Crimea - is a real gem of Russia. Used palette reflects the basic natural colors Crimea.

The upper part of the logo reflects the fact that the number of sunny days in the Crimea exceeds this value in Kislovodsk, Sochi and Nice, and can be attributed to the Crimean peninsula among the sunniest areas in the region.

At the bottom of the logo uses three colors: blue symbolizes that Crimea is washed by the Sea of Azov, blue - the Black Sea, while the green reflects the endless green meadows of the Crimean land.

Recognizable profile Ayu-Dag in the center of the logo is shown on the outside against the side of Crimea - as it is seen from the banks of the rest of Russia.