"Be Winemaker" in Germany.

Tens of thousands of people from more than 60 countries go on a huge exhibition halls, located in an area of 5 hectares. Although they speak different languages, they are driven by the same passion, the love of wine. Winemakers admit that many expect from this fair.

Crimean wines Bewinemaker steel opening of the exhibition of wine in Düsseldorf! Rave reviews about the high quality of our wines, we have received from Francois Lurton, AmericanAirlines and many others ... Thank you for your support! We make this wine with a love for the world and all people. Make wine, not war!

Stands wine producers and materials about their products, the set of master classes, live chat and open discussions with the live broadcast on the Internet for all those who could not come, and a great "Testing Zone", where you can taste wines of all kinds, in any than yourself without limiting. But each time, in the end it becomes clear that the time to see all the missing ... So - see you next year at the Prowein!