Universities of Russia avenue.

Not so long ago in their vineyards, we opened "Universities of Russia Avenue!" We were pleased to congratulate the students of all the universities, where it grows, our future change ... professionals who, we believe, to preserve and multiply what we create with you today!

Glad that our confidence is shared by the heads of educational institutions.

Let me quote the words of the Rector of the Omsk State Agrarian University named after PA Stolypin: "Despite the geographical location and harsh climatic conditions, agricultural scientists from the Faculty of Agricultural University in 1930 conducted research on the grape Cultivar. In 2003, the collection was laid grapes that year updated with new copies of the varieties of the Altai and European breeding. After reviewing the achievements of the project Bewinemaker, university scientists it would be interesting to conduct a joint test recommended by your grades ... "

Watch out for the life of one of the most unusual investment projects in Russia. We promise to be interesting.