Meet the wine from the vineyard in 2012.

A year ago, we launched the project, through which thousands of people from all over the world, united by a love of wine, able to feel the real winemakers. And today we are happy to share with you our joy from the long-awaited meeting with the wine, born in such a wonderful and beautiful place in the Crimea!

Premium wine you can get from 26 August in our wine boutique in Moscow at the Komsomol prospectus 15/2 (from Monday to Sunday, from 10 am. To 9 pm.). You should have a coupon for wine that can be printed in your personal account on the site and www.bewm.ru ID (passport).

If you want to get the wine in another city - please go to your personal account on the site www.bewm.ru to "Wine" and select extradition. This choice must be made before September 10, after this date, unless you choose otherwise, the premium wine will automatically be sent to Moscow, and you can get it at our store.