The new variety - the old price!

Good news!

You probably heard that the price of vines with January 15, 2015 changed?

Today we want to tell you about the magnificent white grape varieties - Malvasia (Malvazia), vines that you can buy at a nice price, for only 299 rubles!

It is believed that its name comes from the name of one of the three most popular Greek wines at the time - Malmsey. However, there is another version. According to this embodiment, the Malvasia grape gets its name from the Venetians in the Middle Ages. That is called a fortress, located on the shores of Laconia. It serves as the port, which at that time was the commercial center for the producers of alcoholic beverages. The Venetians were brisk trade, bringing the liquor stores were named in honor of the fortress port - «malvasie». The same fate befell the course of time and local drinks, and the grapes from which they were made.

Later it spread throughout the Mediterranean region.