Added 12 experimental varieties.

Good news!

On our site became possible to to purchase 12 experimental vine varieties.

They have been carefully selected by our technology abroad and lovingly planted on the land of the Crimea.

We are witnessing an amazing phenomenon when our joint efforts in the country revived the best traditions of wine-making, thanks to you and the whole industry is entering a qualitatively new level.

Is not that great - to become the owner of the vineyard, where there are, for example, Malbec and Shiraz (Syrah), which became a "visiting card" of the Argentine and Australian wine or "Rhone" Viognier ?! Or maybe you like the look "Italian" Pinot Grigio or a Barbera?

Wine made from grapes from our vineyards with you, a high quality, recently confirmed that the zone export manager Bodegas Murviedro SA Mihkel Soom. He has already managed to taste the wine of the pilot varieties, Muller-Thurgau, and gave him a high expert evaluation.

A Summit Russian winemakers in Abrau Durso in October of young wines from our vineyards in 2012 earned a lot of flattering words from the mouth of renowned wine critics, especially Robert Joseph and Brett Crittenden, Igor Serdyuk and Artur Sargsyan, Vladimir Tsapelik and Alexander Sidorov and many fellow winemakers.

Friends, do not miss your chance to become the owner of the vine varieties unique to the Crimea!

Their number is limited! Book vines right now!