"Be Winemaker" and crowdfunding technologies in marketing.

Founder and leader of the project "Bewinemaker", Mikhail Shtyrlin, shared his experience of project development with leading experts in the field of marketing in the key industry event XVII Business Forum TOP Marketing. Speakers of the Forum - marketing director as leading brands, as well as a successful medium-sized and even small companies.

In 2012, the first vineyards were planted us in the Crimea, and in 2014 - launched crowdfunding platform bewm.ru During the year the number of participants in the project has grown to 7000 people. Funds collected through the crowdfunding platform "Bewinemaker" allow to plant new vineyards in the Crimea (the total area of plantations over 400 ha), as well as to prepare for the launch of the modern winery processing.

Today, in a "compressed" budget positive experience, like Bewinemaker, it is particularly valuable for many companies, because using crowdfunding can significantly minimize the costs of preliminary studies when launching new products. And most importantly - to significantly raise their accuracy. Along with the project "Legends of the Crimea" was presented at the session of the project "Local Food" (Anastasia Kolesnikova, founder, former marketing director of the Republic), "Planeta.ru" (Fyodor Murachkovsky, Director General), "NMGK (brand Ryaba)" (Ivan Sidorok, Co-Owner, Managing Partner), "Lipton in Russia, Unilever" (Sophia Popov, Marketing manager).