Due to the historically significant event for our country, the return of the Crimea to the Russian Federation, our company has already landed in the Crimea more than 300 hectares of vineyards and more than 20 years dedicated to the popularization of Crimean wines in Russia, decided to capture the event in its own way. Namely, April 28, 2015 on an area of 2 hectares will be planted a vineyard, fully reflects the contours of the image map of Russia on the scale of 1: 1 000 000 000 000.

By planting this field will be attracted not only our employees, but also the people who care about the development of winemaking in the Crimea, the representatives of the authorities.

The event will include: the landing of the vineyard, a balloon flight over the "map of Russia", with a wine tasting of the Crimean vineyards with a buffet and gifts giving.

Considering that our project "Be a winemaker" aims to popularize the Russian wine, heads of regions of our country will be awarded gift certificates with the right to ownership of the relevant sections of "map" and get a wine made from grapes from these vines.

Separately, select the vineyard, which will be located on the site of landing, appropriate Republic of Crimea. These vines will be auctioned. All the money will go to a charity event dedicated to the liberation of Sevastopol

To all interested parties! The group of companies "Legend of Crimea" invites you to participate in an unprecedented event! Requests for invitations and accreditation should be sent to the e-mail or please call 89151300148.

The event will be held at the Republic of Crimea, Saki region, the village of Heroic.

The event - 11 hours